Recently, on one hand due to the saturation of procedures handled before Spanish Courts, and on the other hand due to the commotion caused by court fees, have become topical in the legal scene and are taking root, such as arbitration along with the new mediation.

On 7th July, 2012, the Law 5/2012 of 6th July on Mediation in Civil and Commercial matters was published in the BOE. This law regulates mediation in branches of private law in which it was not usual compared to the compulsory conciliation introduced in the subject of labour law or in certain criminal order procedures, such as offenses against honour.

We do not yet know the full scope of this law that is configured as general framework upon which it must be the Autonomous Communities that complete it with the opportune regulations.

What this law does represent is one more step towards a justice in evolution in which we all participate and must be aware of.